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Webinar QuanTIM

Date de l'évènement :
à 12:00, (Paris, Europe)
Lieu de l'évènement :
En ligne
Organisé par :
Professeur Roch GIORGI - Equipe QuanTIM-SESSTIM
Intervenant :
Basile CHAIX
Sorbonne Université, INSERM, Institut Pierre Louis d’Épidémiologie et de Santé Publique, Nemesis research team, Paris, France
Description :

The body of literature that will be presented aims to examine how urban life environments as well as transport and mobility influence health. These studies investigate dynamics of exposures, behaviors, and health in space and time based on high frequency data. They rely on a continuous monitoring of participants with wearable sensors of location, behavior, environmental exposures, and health and real-time smartphone surveys (according to different survey strategies). These studies allow researchers to investigate contextual effects on health with “momentary” analyses of sensor data. Disaggregating environmental exposures and health responses at the level of successive life segments taken as the statistical units of the analysis permits to contextualize behaviors and health states in their immediate environment and investigate dynamic processes that lead to unfavorable behavior and health status, with a focus on individual, environmental, and situational determinants.

Keywords: Environmental risk; sensors; smartphones; urban health; neighborhoods and health; mobility; transport behavior