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Webinar QuanTIM

Date de l'évènement :
à 18:30, (Paris, Europe)
Lieu de l'évènement :
En ligne
Professeur Roch GIORGI - Equipe QuanTIM-SESSTIM
Intervenant :
Sandrine DUDOIT
Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, College of Computing, Data Science, and Society Professor, Department of Statistics and Division of Biostatistics/School of Public Health University of California, Berkeley
Description :

The ability to measure gene expression levels for individual cells (vs. pools of cells) is crucial to address many important biological questions, such as the study of stem cell differentiation, the detection of rare mutations in cancer, or the discovery of cellular subtypes in the brain. Single-cell transcriptome sequencing (RNA-Seq) allows the high-throughput measurement of gene expression levels for entire genomes at the resolution of single cells. RNA-Seq studies provide a great example of the range of questions one encounters in a Data Science workflow, where the data are complex in a variety of ways, there are multiple analysis steps, and drawing on rigorous statistical principles and methods is essential to derive reliable and interpretable biological results. In this talk, I will provide a survey of statistical questions related to the analysis of single-cell RNA-Seq data to investigate the differentiation of stem cells in the brain, including, exploratory data analysis, dimensionality reduction, normalization, expression quantitation, cluster analysis, and the inference of cellular lineages.

Keywords: Transcriptomics, single-cell, lineage inference, differential expression, stem cell

About the speaker: