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Cholera wash-epidemiological system in sub-saharan countries
Objectifs  : 

Developping a methodology for costed wash prevention plans and wah-epidemiology systems in sub-saharan countries :

The purpose of this assignment is to develop a  methodological guide / a replicable model, based on a well-defined methodology to support the elaboration of costed WASH cholera prevention and control plans for the targeted hotspots taking into account the policy and regulatory.

Observatoires transfrontaliers de l’Environnement, du Climat et des Maladies Vectorielles – site sentinelle de l’Observatoire brésilien Climat et Santé
Objectifs  : 

The objectives of the International Joint Laboratory "Cross-border Observatories of the Environment, Climate and Vector-borne Diseases - Sentinel Sites of the Brazilian Climate and Health Observatory" (LMI Sentinela) are to: structure, strengthen and sustain the integrated approach Geography - Environment - Climate - Health at the Brazilian level, in the sectors of education, research and public policies; strengthen the international visibility of the Brazilian teams carrying this theme.

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