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Mathieu Fauvernier

Mathieu Fauvernier Hospices Civils de Lyon-UMR 5558, Université de Lyon, CNRS, France

After a short career as an actuary, I decided to move to the exciting world of biostatistics in 2015. I graduated with a PhD in 2019 and I am currently working at the Department of Biostatistics (Hospices Civils de Lyon and Université Lyon 1 France). My main research project is about modelling the effects of predictive factors, along with their interactions, on various epidemiological indicators (incidence, mortality, and net survival) in cancer patients. I am specialized in survival analysis and especially flexible hazard regression modelling via penalized splines. My other current research projects include: a) investigating boosting techniques to simultaneously select the number of covariates and their functional forms in hazard regression setting and, b) developing a flexible rate model for recurrent events. Number of publications: 24.