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Juste Goungounga EHESP School of public health,
RSMS “Health services and management research team” Inserm
U1309 ARENES CNRS 6051 Arènes, Rennes, France.


Juste GOUNGOUNGA is Associate Professor of Biostatistics and Health Data at the Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Santé Publique (EHESP). He is also a researcher at the ARENES laboratory (UMR CNRS 6051) within the INSERM U1309 "Research on Health Services and Management" (RSMS) team. His research is mainly, but not exclusively, in the field of statistical methods in the epidemiology of non-communicable diseases such as cancer. His aim is to identify and quantify the dynamics of health inequalities in these populations. He worked as a clinician before embarking on methodological research in biostatistics after graduating in medicine from the University of Ouagadougou in 2012. He obtained a master's degree in public health (quantitative and econometric methods for health research) in 2014 and a PhD in clinical research and public health (biostatistics option) in 2018, both from the University of Aix Marseille in France. In January 2020, thanks to a grant from the Fondation ARC pour la recherche sur le cancer, he joined the Registre Bourguignon des cancers digestifs/Université de Bourgogne (Equipe EPICAD - UMR 1231). In October 2022, he joined the EHESP School of Public Health in Rennes.


He is involved on various modules of the Master of Public Health at EHESP School of Public Health.


His research interests are mainly, but not exclusively, in the field of statistical methods in cancer epidemiology and more generally in NCDs, with the aim of identifying and quantifying the dynamics of inequality in NCD outcomes:

  • Cure models and time-to-cure estimation;
  • Excess hazard models (e.g., Between cluster heterogeneity, non-comparative bias);
  • Statistical methods for disease mapping (e.g., cluster detection methods, Bayesian hierarchical modeling, multivariate disease mapping).