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Juste Goungounga Registre Bourguignon des Cancers Digestifs,
CHU de Dijon, EPICAD Team, INSERM 1231, Dijon, France.


I am qualified in medicine in Burkina and worked as a clinician before entering methodological research. I completed in 2014 a Master of public health (oriented in quantitative and econometric methods) and in 2018 a PhD in clinical research and public health, both at Aix Marseille University, France. Previously I worked in the SESSTIM research unit as a biostatistician. In January 2020, I joined the "Registre Bourguignon des Cancers Digestifs" as a postdoctoral research fellow and I now work there as a methodologist-biostatistician.


I am involved on some modules of the Master of Public Health at Aix Marseille University, such as "Statistical programming with R", "Advanced survival analysis".


Statistical analysis methods in cancer epidemiology:

  • Cure models and time-to-cure estimation;
  • Excess hazard models (e.g., Between cluster heterogeneity, non-comparative bias);
  • Statistical methods for disease mapping (e.g., cluster detection methods, Bayesian hierarchical modeling, multivariate disease mapping).