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Descriptive sheet of the TU PHS-PRIM

TU PHS-PRIM - Principles and methods of public health sciences


To know the basics of public health sciences in order to understand the challenges, needs, implications and methods of artificial intelligence for public health.

Knowledge to be acquired

Acquiring the basics of public health, biostatistics, epidemiology, medical informatics, economic and social sciences.

Skills to be acquired

Understand the issues, needs, implications and methods of artificial intelligence for public health. Know how to respond to a public health problem through artificial intelligence methods, in a contextualised and critical way.


  • Introduction to public health, concepts and issues.
  • Public health approach and tools.
  • Fundamentals of biostatistics, from the principle of variability and the probabilistic analysis approach, to inferences from sample data to a population.
  • Implementation on examples using the R language.
  • Interest and principle of descriptive and analytical epidemiology, causality in epidemiology.
  • Issues of medical information processing and organisation to develop medical knowledge and to facilitate the delivery of patient medical care.
  • Fundamental contemporary economic issues in public health, introduction to health economic evaluation.
  • Principles and ethical issues related to Artificial Intelligence in health.

Pedagogical method

Courses on-line by NetConference, distance mentoring over the Internet.


Knowledge of computer use, word processing, computer presentation tools.

Total hours

Between 20 and 30 hours per NetConference + personal work.




Faculté des sciences médicales et paramédicale de Marseille


See the schedule for this TU 


R. Giorgi


J.C. Dufour, R. Giorgi, P. Le Coz, R. Lutaud, J. Mancini, C. Siani

TU – mandatory

This TU is mandatory for the Master 2 of Public Health:

  • AI4PH: "Artificial Intelligence for Public Health"

This TU is mandatory for the postgraduate diploma DESU:

  • AI4PH: "Artificial Intelligence for Public Health"

TU – optional


Assessment of knowledge

A single examination is organised, in accordance with the Aix Marseille University rule.

For this single session, the assessment of knowledge of this teaching unit is based on:

  • Continuous assessment of knowledge with various homework assignments, tests and exercises. This continuous assessment will have a coefficient of 2 in the final mark.
  • An oral examination. This exam will have a coefficient of 3 in the final grade. A personal convocation will be sent by e-mail to each student.

Within the framework of the Master's degree, the threshold mark for the UE is set at 8. If the overall mark obtained is ≥ 8 and < 10, the UE can be compensated if the overall average of the semester is ≥ 10.

In the framework of the DESU, there is no compensation between UE.

Educational resources

Course materials on the Internet.