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Descriptive sheet of the TU INF-PROF

TU INF-PROF - Programing fundamentals for health data


Provide the students with the programming basis to carry out a data analysis in Python.

Knowledge to be acquired

Python programming basis.

Skills to be acquired

Understanding the basis of programming and being able to implement in Python a data exploratory analysis.


  • Programming fundamentals in python.
  • Data access and preparation oriented to health data.
  • Exploratory data Visualization.

Pedagogical method

Courses on-line by NetConference, distance mentoring over the Internet.


Knowledge of computer use, word processing, computer presentation tools.

Total hours

Around 15 hours per NetConference + personal work.




Faculté des sciences médicales et paramédicale de Marseille


See the schedule for this TU 


R. Ureña


N. Ngo, R. Ureña

TU – mandatory

This TU is mandatory for the Master 2 of Public Health:

  • AI4PH: "Artificial Intelligence for Public Health"

This TU is mandatory for the postgraduate diploma DESU:

  • AI4PH: "Artificial Intelligence for Public Health"

This TU is mandatory for the postgraduate diploma CESU:

  • AIPro: "Artificial Intelligence Programming in Python"

TU – optional


Assessment of knowledge

A single examination is organised, in accordance with the Aix Marseille University rule.

For this single session, the assessment of knowledge of this teaching unit is based on:

  • Continuous assessment of knowledge with various homework assignments, tests and exercises. This continuous assessment will have a coefficient of 2 in the final mark.
  • An oral examination. This exam will have a coefficient of 3 in the final grade. A personal convocation will be sent by e-mail to each student.

Within the framework of the Master's degree, the threshold mark for the UE is set at 8. If the overall mark obtained is ≥ 8 and < 10, the UE can be compensated if the overall average of the semester is ≥ 10.

In the framework of the DESU and of the CESU, there is no compensation between UE.

Educational resources

Course materials on the Internet.