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ISSPAM Institute

Created on January 1, 2021 under the direction of Roch Giorgi, ISSPAM (Aix-Marseille Institute of Public Health Sciences) promotes excellence in public health sciences via the implementation of an international inter/multidisciplinary program of education and socio-cultural and economic enhancement in order to help improve the health of citizens, particularly people affected by acute or chronic diseases.

ISSPAM synergises and leverages the strengths of the Aix-Marseille University site in a number of priority and strategic areas of public health science (health democracy, empowerment, community and population research, social inequalities in health and public policy responses, global health, digital health and augmented humanity, artificial intelligence for public health). It interacts closely with patient associations and committees, health agencies, and socio-economic and cultural actors. It is resolutely open to international projects, including in countries of the South.

ISSPAM aims to contribute to clinical and public health decision-making, to participate in the evaluation of population health policies, to inform decision-makers and to impact public health policy decisions.

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