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SanteRCom research team: Health and Community Research

Coordinator: Perrine Roux

SanteRCom (Health and Community Research) is a multidisciplinary research team that conducts public health research on HIV, harm reduction, sexual health and sexual and gender minorities. The team, composed of psychologists, epidemiologists, economists, sociologists, physicians, and community researchers, carries out qualitative and quantitative studies in partnership with community-based organizations.

The research project is organized around three main axes:

  • The first axis centres on HIV and is concerned with patients’ perceptions, health behaviours and needs;
  • The second axis, which focuses on harm reduction for drug users, aims to understand drug use and to identify adequate interventions;
  • The third axis explores the health of sexual and gender minorities, with a particular focus on biomedical tools perception.

These issues are addressed through a systematic combination of qualitative methods (interviews, focus groups, case studies, participant observation) and/or quantitative methods (as part of longitudinal or cross-sectional studies). The team conducts research in France and in developing countries, mainly in sub-Saharan Africa.